Election Spillover

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Although I’m not politically active any more, I used to be and some of my friends still are—legislators, a mayor, campaign managers… People whose involvement in their government is limited to casting votes once in a while often look down … Continued

Best Value as Doublespeak

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More often than I can count, I hear the phrase best value for money brought up. It is rarely used to mean what it is supposed to mean.

In a civilized world, partners do not cannibalize each other. They collaborate with each other, and each is boosted when the other thrives, and there is no room for Doublespeak use of the phrase best value.

Behind the British Steel Industry News

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Discussion on the airwaves has focused heavily on the loss of jobs and impact on the national economy if the UK’s steelmaking industry disappears. While those are newsworthy effects, there is another factor to consider – the many uses of steel in the UK that are essential to infrastructure and/or national security and that require sophisticated high grade steel products.