When You Don’t Fit a Pigeonhole

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Not fitting into pigeonholes can be a badge of honor. Just do the best you can with your unusual mix of talents and apply your talents toward good purposes. Yes, not fitting a mold will put some extra aggravations in your way. But the satisfaction you can find in what you achieve can make it all worthwhile.

The Next (Female) Macgyver

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I have submitted an entry for The Next Macgyver contest and perhaps you should, too. This contest is to come up with the concept for a new television show featuring a quick-thinking engineer, as Angus Macgyver was–but this time the … Continued

Thanksgiving and Attitude

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It is possible to endure all manner of trials and tribulations without a routine ritual of thankfulness and hopefulness. But it is harder without such a ritual.

If you’re struggling with something and you aren’t in the States, I highly recommend at least a private annual Thanksgiving ritual. Even if it’s just with a cheap turkey sandwich.