Mask Scammers in the COVID-19 Pandemic


There are good ways and bad ways for a business to respond to this pandemic.Read More…

USA’s Decimated Expertise in Pandemics


The federal government is not finding it easy to rehire the pandemic-fighting expertise it got rid of. We’ve made that mistake before.

Covid-19, the New Coronavirus, and Containment

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Efforts to contain this coronavirus may be more important for the long term than for this one outbreak. If the virus has difficulty finding new hosts, that creates evolutionary pressure for it to make people less sick… and then it would be less of a problem if it becomes endemic.

Housebuilding for Flood Resistance


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The Collection #1 Data Breach


In case you have not yet heard, a huge collection of 773 million email addressesRead More…

USA Tax Bill Due to Close Businesses in Other Countries


US citizens living abroad are asking for help to persuade Congress not to force AmericansRead More…

Here Comes the Next Generation

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On Saturday hundreds of thousands of people joined the March For Our Lives. This articleRead More…

USA Tariff-Lined Self-Made Box Canyon


CNN says many US Senators are upset about yesterday’s White House announcement of new importRead More…

Strategy versus Tactics


This week the UK celebrated the 100th anniversary of the day when some women gotRead More…

Set Procedures As If For Cows


Some problems in the world of work are so pervasive that they turn up inRead More…