One Word to Redefine

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Redefining the word impossible as a challenge instead of a barrier isn’t just about technical or physical possibility. It applies to practically anything.

More than Ghosts can Haunt

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Ghosts aren’t the only things that haunt. Past actions do too. Everybody makes mistakes, and those mistakes haunt us. But I would rather work with people who try to do well than with those who intentionally do not. Wouldn’t you?

Proud Ignorance

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If you want to see an example of proud ignorance, look at the Republican party’s Congressional members right now. They think they are playing chicken with President Obama. They are playing chicken with the global bond market—which only a fool … Continued

Latest Spam Onslaught

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Unless you use the type of antispam service I offer, you have probably noticed a new onslaught of spam. The culprit is a hacker who penetrated the world’s largest manager of permission-based email lists. I feel sorry for anybody whose antispam isn’t as clever as what I use–and am offering help.