Mask Scammers in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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There are good ways and bad ways for a business to respond to this pandemic.

A particular relatives’s quilting group in volunteered to sew face masks for front line medical workers. The sewists were to be compensated a little for their work. Because of some work she did before retirement, my relative is very good at noticing discrepancies, investigating, and helping law enforcement build a case.

It wasn’t a charity to donate masks to a local hospital. It was a fashion house that saw an opportunity to get product made on the cheap to sell into a shortage.

Mainstream media is now investigating them, but not police. Stunning as it sounds, what they were doing wasn’t illegal. Slimy, as my relative puts it, but not illegal.

The company cannot be prosecuted. But they will suffer very ugly exposure by a large media organization that is well respected globally. As justice goes, that will have to do.

If your business is able to retool to provide something that is in short supply for the medical front line, that is wonderful. If you can’t afford to donate it and need to charge a fair price for the goods, that’s okay. But scamming is as bad as price gouging. The harm it does in these times go far beyond money. Let’s be good guys.

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