What It Was Like to Work on the Space Shuttle

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Last week was exciting! The Shropshire Astronomical Society asked me to speak at the first meeting of the viewing season on Saturday 7 September 2013. They wanted to hear what it was like working on the Space Shuttle.

I moved to the UK more than 6 1/2 years ago, and occasionally someone asks about that. But until now, people only wanted a short answer.

The booking caught the attention of BBC Radio Shropshire. Richard Tisdale invited me in for an interview. The day before the meeting, during prime drive-time slots the station aired four clips from the interview ranging up to about 4 minutes long.

You can play the clips here if you’re curious. (Disclaimer: The producer got a little too eager about the cue for the first clip. I have never claimed to be an astronaut! But I was a Space Shuttle engineer.)

BBC Radio Shropshire 2013-09-06 Clip 1
BBC Radio Shropshire 2013-09-06 Clip 2
BBC Radio Shropshire 2013-09-06 Clip 3
BBC Radio Shropshire 2013-09-06 Clip 4

If you weren’t able to attend the talk, you missed a wonderful crowd of very clever and lively people. I spoke for about half an hour. We did Q&A for nearly as long as my talk had been, and then most people went outside to view the heavens through various telescopes that members had brought. (I had people at my elbow asking and discussing more about space exploration for an hour and a half.) Shropshire’s astronomers really know their stuff!

I hope another group will ask me to do a similar talk again. It was the most fun I’ve had in ages.

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