Uneven Start to 2014

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Despite an uneven start to 2014, on the whole it’s a decent economic picture for the time being. After what we went through in recent years, I hope we will all make hay while the sun is shining.

A Busy End of Year

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I can’t recall the last time I saw a November and early December like this year’s in the UK. I am delighted to see economic recovery here. But it has more ground to cover before it will be a solid, healthy recovery.

Thanksgiving and Attitude

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It is possible to endure all manner of trials and tribulations without a routine ritual of thankfulness and hopefulness. But it is harder without such a ritual.

If you’re struggling with something and you aren’t in the States, I highly recommend at least a private annual Thanksgiving ritual. Even if it’s just with a cheap turkey sandwich.

One Word to Redefine

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Redefining the word impossible as a challenge instead of a barrier isn’t just about technical or physical possibility. It applies to practically anything.

More than Ghosts can Haunt

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Ghosts aren’t the only things that haunt. Past actions do too. Everybody makes mistakes, and those mistakes haunt us. But I would rather work with people who try to do well than with those who intentionally do not. Wouldn’t you?

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