Pandora's Recommended Guinea Pig Supplies

Piggies who live in a lovely Palace need lovely things to eat! To stay healthy, our digestive systems need food and water almost constantly. Keep your guinea pigs happy and hearty by giving them plenty of sensible munchies and things to play with safely.

If we get sick, we may need Critical Care and Bio-Lapis until we get better. Until 10 months, alfalfa is good for providing extra calcium while we grow our bones. (Fresh parsley is good for that too and tastes yummy.) After the age of 10 months, alfalfa should only be a treat, not part of our staple diet. Too much calcium in adulthood can give us kidney stones, which can be fatal.

You need not put all of our hay on the floor or in a manger. We get some of ours from a hay wheel which helps us stay active. Getting hay out of the wheel is a fun challenge! Another of our favorite toys is a treat ball.

Oxbow Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig (Timothy Based) is our staple dry food. Pretty-looking dry guinea pig food with colored pieces in it and so on often contain things we would not eat in nature, such as fat. We are vegetarian. Our bodies are not made for eating fat. Cavy Cuisine is the only dry food we accept on a regular basis.

We confess that we do occasionally eat a small amount of certain other dry guinea pig foods as a treat, just for a little variety.

Kaytee Rabbit Rollin’ The Hay Holder

In the virtual tour of the Palace, there is a picture of Xena and I munching a piece of hay together beneath the hay wheel we pulled it from. We hang ours from a wall but it can rest on the floor. We love puzzles, so figuring out how to get hay out of the wheel is great fun.

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay for Pets, 90-Ounce

It is very important for us to eat lots of timothy hay. It helps us keep our teeth from growing too long, and it is just right for our nutrition and digestive system. We prefer to be big bags of Oxbow brand. Oat hay is very similar, nutritionally, so it was a treat for us occasionally to give us some variety.

After moving to the UK, we found Oxbow timothy hay is too expensive for us here because it has to be imported. We switched to oat hay as our staple but we still love Oxbow timothy when we can get it.

Oxbow Animal Health Hay Cake Pet Food, 1-Pound

We have always been delighted with hard blocks or cakes of compressed timothy hay. They are great for our teeth, and we find the challenging texture and shape are fun. Now that our hay is mostly oat, our main taste of timothy is from Cavy Cuisine and these hay blocks. We love them!