Bonnie D. Huval is a former Space Shuttle and Spacelab engineer originally from Texas. She has traveled and worked across the United States, western Europe, Canada, Mexico and Panama. For more than a decade she has lived in Great Britain.

For many years she has delivered IT and business consultancy and services, often for large multinationals, with the benefit of heavy expertise in complex mission critical realtime and near-realtime systems that cannot tolerate downtime. Her work typically results in at least large improvements in the client’s bottom line. As she takes on more strategic business consultancy, the scale and scope of her endeavors has stepped up by orders of magnitude. She is currently heavily involved in projects to affect entire markets.

She also works closely with a UK private business incubator that takes new intellectual property from several British universities to market, and especially with its sister company that specializes in taking companies to sustainable high growth through strategic breakthrough deals.

Her other business interests include real estate and property management. Past business interests include a restaurant.

She publishes books and articles, mostly for small businesses. Most focus on pragmatic real-world tips and business information that she finds lacking in most bookstores. Some articles are health related, drawing upon volunteer sysop service years ago in a forum for people with chronic illnesses. Her most recent book project was editing her grandfather’s memoirs. A number of readers (especially in the UK) said they kept staying up late to read the book because they could not put it down.

After a few years adapting to the UK, she began to take up speaking engagements again. As an example, her talks about working on the Space Shuttle are well liked and still relevant even though the Shuttle no longer flies—attendees have been known to linger a couple of hours to ask questions, and one of her most popular talks is about ‘how to run your business like a rocket scientist without being one’. She can also speak about making sure you solve the right problems—instead of wasting effort solving the wrong ones.